Marketing in the digital world

What is a digital agency? In simple terms, a digital agency is an advanced version of an advertising agency. In more specific terms, it is an agency that delivers digital marketing services as well as the creative and technical development of products that is internet related. On the google proposed theory of hero, hub and hygiene, this would mostly be the hub portion of the triangle. The agency customers, or business and organisations, use these agencies in order to engage with their targeted market. Digital agencies handle the social media pages of their clients by regularly and timely posting interactive and informative content keeping their audience continuously engaged. An example of this would be Facebook posts or Facebook ads, similarly Instagram posts or Instagram ads. These agencies are relied upon mostly because the clients get the best services in managing the strategies of marketing and communication along with which they also handle the technical completion of the project.

Traditionally, the services provided by digital agencies range from website design, email marketing, microsites etc. From very font used on the website to the layout, to the content posted on it, is all handled by these agencies. Those emails you receive from every store you make the mistake of giving your email address to? Yes, these are the culprits. We might hate them, but these emails are extremely valuable to these agencies as email content generate a high amount of revenue for their clients. Some agencies provide more specialized services such as viral campaigns, pay-per-click ad management, banner advertising, search engine optimization, marketing, podcasting and front-end development.

A good example of viral campaigns would be the ice bucket challenge. We’ve all heard of it whether or not we’ve been a part of it. This was a brilliant viral campaign because ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) was not something we all had heard of before. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the disease as well as to raise money. The campaign not only made ALS a household name but also raised a lot of money towards the cause. ALS is one of the most successful viral campaigns in the history of digital marketing along with names such as Nike and Pepsi.

Another vital aspect is social media optimization. Digital agencies make sure your website and its content is easily found on the internet by optimizing the search engine with the use of keywords. This is by making sure that the copy content on each website incorporates the highest searched keywords in social media with the relevant searches. These digital agencies are based all over the world, including numerous digital agencies in Sydney. They cannot be compared to advertising agencies in terms of how they earn as traditional advertising agencies usually collect fees off ad placement instead of the work itself. However, digital agencies usually bill their fees through the service time involved in artwork, design, creative and technical services that you hire them to complete.